What is this game?

The Game of Life is a mathematical simulation, an automata, invented by John Conway. It first appeared in a Magazine article in 1970. The game your seeing here takes Conway's original rules and adapts them for two player competition. Each player designs a board, sets them up on opposing sides and lets the simulation run.

The Orignial Rules of Life

In the original game an empty cells comes to life or dies depending on the number of neighbors it has. If a living cell has two few neighbors it dies of loneliness, if it has to many it dies from overcrowding. If a dead cell has just enough neighbors it springs to life. These simple rules result in amazingly complex patterns when carefully designed boards are left to run.

We start with three cells alive.
Every cell looks at it's neighbors. One cell had 2 neighbors alive. It will stay alive.
Two cells have 3 neighbors that are live. Next round they will become alive.
Two lonely cells only have 1 living neighbor. They will die.
When the generation runs we see there are still three live cell, but pattern has changed.
This pattern repeats indefinately. It is a classic called "The Old Man".

The Rules of Life vs. Life

In our game, the basic rules are the same, the only change is cells can be two colors. When a new cell is born, it takes on the color of the majority of it's neighbors. In our example you can see how an Old Man pattern turns from two thirds pink to all pink.

We start with two pink cells and one blue cell.
Two out of three neighbors of the new cells are pink. So they are born pink.
After that the pattern repeats normally.
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